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08:57 PM Galette Evolution #1104 (Fermé): Recherche lors de l'attachement d'adhérent
Fait, voir commit:fe66b4c51b87503d86bee4690405aaffd5f2fb43 Johan Cwiklinski
07:46 PM Galette Revision fe66b4c5: Use selectize to attach members
Johan Cwiklinski
07:55 AM Galette Revision 781dd676: Fix tests
Johan Cwiklinski
07:55 AM Galette Revision b326fcd8: Update faker, zend-i18n, add php 7.4 faker patch
Johan Cwiklinski


09:47 PM Galette Revision 1760a4f3: Update atoum
Johan Cwiklinski
06:22 PM Galette Revision 717475fd: Fix CS
Johan Cwiklinski


08:07 AM Galette R&D #1331 (Nouveau): Improve texts management UI
The current UI to translate administrative emails texts is not very friendly; it should be reworked. Johan Cwiklinski
08:05 AM Galette R&D #1330 (Nouveau): Administrative emails i18n management
Administrative emails texts are not using Galette i18n mechanism; it is provided in English and French only. Johan Cwiklinski


09:08 PM Galette Revision e4cb2044: Fix wrong variable
Johan Cwiklinski
08:46 AM Galette Revision 15de9961: Update translations
Johan Cwiklinski

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