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02:46 PM Galette Revision aa20d978: Show groupmanager status in members list
Guillaume AGNIERAY


11:23 PM Galette Anomalie #1708: Parent group can be lost when a groupmanager edits a group
It happens because the list of groups available only returns the groups managed by the current user.
So, the current...
Guillaume AGNIERAY
05:12 PM Galette Anomalie #1708 (Nouveau): Parent group can be lost when a groupmanager edits a group
If the groupmanager is not also the groupmanager of the parent, the parent is lost on save. Guillaume AGNIERAY
10:12 PM Évènements Anomalie #1709 (Nouveau): New booking from the members list doesn't autocomplete the member field on form
Guillaume AGNIERAY
12:14 PM Évènements Anomalie #1707 (Nouveau): Member select field is broken on booking form
... Guillaume AGNIERAY


09:27 PM Évènements Anomalie #1706 (Nouveau): Translated activities added in list as new activities
On the list of activities, switching to another language adds the default activities' translations as new activities.... Guillaume AGNIERAY
09:15 PM Évènements Anomalie #1705 (Nouveau): Group manager cannot export bookings
This bug was submitted on the mailing list :
> Exportation en CSV impossible pour responsable de groupe :
> Sur ...
Guillaume AGNIERAY
08:17 PM Évènements Anomalie #1704 (Nouveau): Wrong bookings export results
* bookings exports from the events list are wrong : if bookings are not filtered at first, all bookings are exported ... Guillaume AGNIERAY
04:04 PM Évènements Evolution #1703 (Nouveau): Add events title in bookings export
As suggested on the mailing list :
> Dans une prochaine révision il serait peut utile de rajouter une colonne ou dan...
Guillaume AGNIERAY
02:50 PM Galette Anomalie #1702 (Nouveau): Batch actions are not working for group managers
Batch actions are displayed to groups managers, but they are not usable : js code is not triggered. Guillaume AGNIERAY

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